Catering for the Public – Canteen Boarding
The MENDELU DCC offers the possibility to use catering services in any university canteen for the public, for organisations and individuals and provides the meal delivery.

How to pay: 
1. in cash 
2. by meal tickets Sodexo Pass 
3. by the catering card, which can be picked up in the head of canteen management office (Kohoutova 5) for the refundable deposit of 150 crowns. The boarder puts money into the account, which is used to pay meals or another complementary food. The catering system does NOT enable to order in advance, the boarder orders from the current menu offer.

The menu is displayed on the MENDELU DCC webpage 
(in case of Internet Explorer it is vital to push the cursor twice for return)

Catering Services 
The MENDELU DCC provides catering services for various companies as well as for the public. Everything is provided according to the individual requirements of each order. We provide complex catering services as well as products of cold meals/buffet in accordance with order requirements for conferences, workshops, seminar, family celebrations, company parties or other events. More information is provided by the Head of Catering Management, František Ostřížek (tel. 545 128 380, mob. 603 164 429, email:
Samples of our buffet menu: open sandwiches, mini open sandwiches, canapés, selection of cold meats, cheeses, smoked products made in our canteen, vegetables and fruit salads, desserts and cakes, chocolate fondue etc.

Complementary Services
The MENDELU DCC also offers the possibility to rent tablecloths or other inventory items for the celebrations. 
More information about our catering facilities (addresses, contacts, working hours etc.) is displayed in the section Catering Facilities.