MENDELU Green Office

As a society, we currently face many problems related to the environment and climate change. We are fully aware that the situation is serious and are thus building a dormitory complex that is as sustainable and responsible as possible. One priority area is awareness of our consumption and the functioning of human society with a view to preserving the natural resources and beauty of this, our only planet. Green Office or the “sustainability office” for the dormitory complex aims to face these challenges, set up the most responsible dormitory environment possible, and work with the community. We are particularly interested in reflecting modern approaches to environmental care, awareness-raising, responsibility and the commitment of students and employees.

Why have we decided to establish MENDELU Green Office?

MENDELU, Jana Hradská, dormitory and canteen administration director: "When I go for a walk in the forest, city or the campus area I see litter scattered everywhere. In parks and recreation areas in towns the waste bins overflow with non-compressed PET bottles and food waste, while plastic bags flutter on tree branches. In the forest one finds drinks cans, pieces of plastic, old tires and furniture, washing machines, building materials and more. Our campus is also full of cigarette butts, since other garbage is collected every morning by maintenance workers.

We need to think about where we are going as humankind, where we are rushing to, how everything is going to end up unless we start thinking differently. We need to value food, not buy unnecessary plastic packaging, not throw away garbage where it does not belong or create illegal dumps. As they say, “You can't teach an old dog new tricks”, so we have to start with young people who have the potential and the opportunity – if they want – to change something. Hence Green Office at the J. A. Komenský Dormitory.

MENDELU, Iva Jarolínová, head of accommodation centres: ”For thousands of years, humans have drawn resources, energy and wealth from our planet, and have now been producing massive quantities of waste for many decades. It is time to reflect on the system’s sustainability and to start behaving considerately. Where else to start than in a university environment where the next generation is growing up?”

Envirostyl Agency, Jana Půlpánová: ”We view university dormitories as a great opportunity for environmental development and to build in an environmentally responsible way that also addresses people’s health. That is why we are helping establish and run environmental project offices at Czech universities.”

MENDELU Green Office objectives:

▪          Adapt the dormitories to modern approaches to waste prevention, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources and energy.

▪          Develop individual environmental projects, and make sure they have wide reach and continuity.

▪          Connect and create a community of active students and employees.

▪          Cooperate with other green offices in the Czech Republic and abroad, MENDELU university management and external partners.

▪          Expand and apply the Green Office model to other dormitories and parts of the university.

▪          Share the proactive approach of the J. A. Komenský Dormitory administration and build a visible Social Responsibility Centre for dormitory environment care.

“We are happy to have joined the Green Office international movement and to be able to inspire other universities to take the same step.”

What areas will we focus on?

Projects in the pipeline for the 2019/2020 academic year

▪          Prevent waste and encourage efficient waste management

▪          Minimise consumption, use natural resources (water, energy) efficiently

▪          Support biodiversity at campus

▪          Raise students’ awareness of responsible behaviour at the dormitory and environmental issues

▪          Form a community of environmentally conscious students and employees

▪          Support sales of “Zero Waste” lifestyle products

▪          Dormitory RE-USE points for used items – “student second-hand store”

▪          Clean dormitories and the canteen in an environmentally friendly manner

▪          Raise standards and build a modern and healthy campus environment

▪          Build an inspiring environment for employees and students

Would you like to be involved in MENDELU Green Office activities and participate in project implementation? We would like to meet you.
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