Catering Account 
You must have the access to the UIS (University Information System – active login and password) to be allowed to eat in university canteens. The UIS is interconnected with the catering system ISKAM. Each Mendel University student has their own catering account, which is automatically activated after the registration. Students must also have the valid ISIC card.

Students of Other Universities 
Students from other universities can use all our canteens under the same conditions as our students. These students can use their ISIC card after they pay the deposit of 200,–Kč at the cash desk or by card in any of our canteens or on the reception of accomodation houses.

Account Type
Students use the advance catering account, which means that they deposit some money into the account (you can pay by credit card on every reception of accomodation houses). The deposit can be put into the account at any cash desk in any of our canteens.

Amount of Deposit 
We recommend depositing 200 crowns. 
Minimal deposit is 100 crowns.

Catering System 
In Brno the system works without orders – meals cannot be ordered in advance. The boarder chooses their meal from the current offer when ordering it in the canteen. In Lednice you can get the meal when ordering it in advance but you can tra it without orders. The menu is displayed on this webpage (insert link).

Meal Price 
The price is set in accordance with the price list quoted in the relevant Chancellor Directive (current price list). The price differs for particular boarder types. The categorization of boarders is executed by the MENDELU Personnel and Study Departments. The Dormitories and Catering Centre does NOT administer the categorization, just follows it.

Meal Distribution
Students can eat in any MENDELU canteen during its working hours.

Account Balance Withdrawal 
If the student finishes their studies (the catering account is not active any longer), it is possible to withdraw the account balance in the office of the head of canteen management only (street Kohoutova 5).