Tř. Generála Píky 7, 613 00 Brno

email: skm.koleje.aka­demie@mendelu­.cz,

Head of Hall Management: 
Jana Doležalová 
phone. +420 545 136 122, mob. +420 734 523 892 

phone: +420 545 136 117, mob. +420 739 682 037

Cleaning Service: +420 545 136 449 
Maintenance Service: +420 545 136 190

Office Hours: 
8.00−11.00 h and 12.00−13.30 h. 
Thursday, Friday 
8.00−11.00 h.

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The Academy Hall is a part of university complex in Černá Pole, located behind the Arboretum, in the building “Z”, where the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies is also located. The canteen with cafe, the Information Centre, library with the study (2nd floor), S- club and sauna. The building “Z” is 800m far from the Vice-chancellor's bu­ilding (2 tram stops). The hall offers accommodation for 283 students. One floor with 59 beds is reserved for the accommodation of university guests and for the public. We provide accommodation and catering service for the public year-round.

There are 55 parking lots available near the main entrance for all accommodated visitors.

There are single, double and triple rooms with sanitary facilities (WC, washbasin, shower bath) and fridge available.

Internet Access 
Rooms are equipped with the Internet connection. In the air-conditioned entrance hall there is Wifi connection available. Near the reception the Internet kiosk for quick information searching is located. There is also an air-conditioned canteen in the hall.

Communal Facilities 
Washing machines and dryers are available for students (the key can be picked up at the reception). Irons, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners can be also hired at the receptions. There is one kitchen on each floor, which is equipped with food store boxes (these can be locked), hot plates, sinks, microwaves, tables and chairs.

We also provide accommodation and catering service for the public year-round. We will be happy to answer your inquiries and we look forward to your visit.