Accommodation in our dormitories adheres to the following important rules and regulations: 
• „ MENDELU Dormitory Accommodation Regulations for Particular Academic Year” issued as the Rector´s rule 
• “Accommodation Contract” concluded between a student and the DCC department of a particular dormitory 
• “Dormitory Code” issued as the Rector´s rule 
• “Price List of MENDELU Dormitory Accommodation Services” issued as the Rector´s rule 
• “Internet Use” 
• “Director´s Regulation” and other instructions and regulations

Accommodation of First Grades in Full-time Study Form

First Grade Students 

All first grades who have been accepted to university receive the enrolment confirmation as well as the information leaflet about the dormitory accommodation, in which the accommodation deadline is determined and the procedure of how to hand in the accommodation application form is described. Students are advised to complete the accommodation contract on the day of theirs enrolments. They should do it even if they have not filled in the accommodation application form online yet. 
The DCC provides the accommodation for all first grade students who do not live in Brno and who ask for it by the given deadline, up to the accommodation capacity reserved for the first grades, which is agreed on with particular faculties. After the given deadline the accommodation is provided if there are vacancies only. 

Accommodation of Second and Higher Grades in Full-time Study Form 
This instruction is valid for all Bachelor students, except the first grades as well as for all Magister and PhD students at Mendel University (faculty, subject field or study programme are not determining).  

Contract conclusion (before you are accommodated) 
Students come to the accommodation office of the dormitory they have chosen on the terms which are given by the Rector¨s regulation. The accommodation contract is a legal act which requires the student´s presence. If there are serious reasons why the student cannot come, the contract can be concluded by another person with legally authentic procuration. If the student is abroad and cannot settle the accommodation procedure, another person can do it, but this person must also pay a refundable deposit and the contract is signed by the deputised student when he/she checks in personally. 
• First grade students must pay the refundable deposit of 5.000,– crowns in cash or by credit card in the accommodation office of the particular dormitory before they sign the accommodation contract. If higher grade students stayed in the dormitory last year, they do not have to pay it, because they have already paid it and this money will be used for the following year. 
• In the accommodation office students choose the room they want to stay in. It is reserved for them via the accommodation programme. The student can reserve accommodation for other students he/she wants to share his/her room with, but only if he/she shows the procuration written and signed by his/her roommate/s. The procuration does not have to be legally authenticated. These roommates´ dormitory accommodation must be officially confirmed, however (the reservation can be made only, not the accommodation contract). 
• The accommodation contract form is printed for the student in the accommodation office immediately after the refundable deposit is paid and the room is reserved. The student signs it as well as the accommodation official does. 
• The deposit of 5.000,–crowns is refundable.

Dormitory Check-in

Students can check-in at the dormitory accommodation office on the date, which is on the contract.. They must check-in by 12 o´clock on Friday of the week when the tutoring stars at the latest, however. If students do not check-in in time and do not apologize to the accommodation official, the contract is terminated and the refundable deposit lapses. Students do not have theirs beds reserved any longer. They can agree on later accommodation with the accommodation official by e-mail in advance. The accommodation payment must be paid on the given date, however (on the Friday of the week when the tutoring stars at the latest). Student comes to the accommodation office any working day in the office hours (see section “Contacts”) 

Students must show: 
• valid ID document (ID card or passport), foreigners must show the valid residence permit 
• valid ISIC card (if students possess it) 
• confirmation or statutory declaration about the encashment permit instauration to the DCC account with the Commercial Bank (KB) Brno-city, account number: 27–7498230277/0100. The encashment limit must be set as the double amount of money paid as the monthly accommodation payment, thus 8000,–crowns. The accommodation payment will be withdrawn from this account every month. 

The room, room key and bed linen handover 
When all the requisites are settled, students get the room key,  “Electrical Appliance Use Form” and some other vital documents in the accommodation office. Then students go to their room, where they check all the furniture and equipment, and they then report damage, if there is any. Some faults must be written in the “Damage Book”, e.g. broken bulbs, dripping taps. These will be repaired by a serviceman as soon as possible. It is then changed on the dates, which are always announced in advance (once in 3 weeks). We kindly ask students to accept these terms. In some cases students can change their bed linen on different dates. They must agree on the terms in the Bed Linen Storeroom individually, however. 

In the course of the academic year students can cancel the accommodation contract in writing without giving any reason, the notice period is 30 days and starts the day when it is submitted. In June the contract does not have to be disclaimed in writing and students pay the accommodation payment till the day of checking-out only. Students can chec-out any working day during the office hours only, and they need to follow this procedure: 
• they have to give back the bed linen to the bed linen storeroom and receive the confirmation of giving it back on the “Bed linen Form” there, 
• they have to hand over the room to the cleaner – the room as well as the communal facilities must be tidied, clean and in the same shape as they were at the beginning of their accommodation. The cleaner confirms the “Bed Linen Form” too, 
• then, they have to come to the accommodation office where they hand over the confirmed “Bed Linen Form”, the room key and then the accommodation payment is settled.

Accommodation and Service Settlement 
The accommodation payment is settled in the encashment way according to the valid price list every month. To find out what “Encashment Permit” means, see the section “Dormitory Check-in”. Foreign students can settle the accommodation payment in cash in the accommodation office. If the payment is not settled from the account, students must pay it in the accommodation office in cash or by credit card. If the payment is not settled by the 20th day of particular month, students must pay the contractual penalty of 10,–crowns per day. The information about not settled accommodation payment is displayed on the list of debtors in the accommodation office. The September payment is paid in October together with the October payment. In June, July and August the payment is settled in cash or by card in the accommodation office or at the reception only, ideally when you check-out. It cannot be settled in the encashment way. 

Accommodation of Part-time and Other Study Form Students 
The accommodation service is reserved for long-term accommodation of full-time students preferentially. Part-time study form students can be accommodated in all university dormitories at discounted price of short-term accommodation up to the capacity provided for this type of accommodation. Furthermore, these students can be accommodated in the hotel type dormitory accommodation at the price corresponding to the valid price list.