Accomodation during the summer

20. 5. 2021 - Bc. Iva Jarolínová

Accomodation for summer....

Dear students,

Given that the previous restrictions on accommodation of students residing in the Czech Republic no longer apply from 24 May 2021, we end the possibility of providing a discount of 50% of the dormitory fee to 31 May 2021, if the student does not stay in the dormitory. We understand that the situation is still difficult for some of you, so we leave the possibility of terminating the accommodation contract to the day of leaving the dormitory without 30-days notice period until June 30, 2021.

Are you interested in staying in the dormitory over the summer months?

Come to the accommodation office of your dormitory no later than June 10 to extend your accommodation contract. If you have a contract for the next academic year in the same room, you will stay directly in it even during the summer months. If you have a contract elsewhere from September, you will be asked to move to your new room later.


Do you have a contract for the next academic year in the same room as now, but you will not stay during the summer?

We have a solution for you. Leave your stuff in the room, clean the room, empty the fridge, return the bed linen to the laundry store, call the cleaning maid for a check-out and hand back your room keys at the accommodation office. Until the end of the holidays, we will charge you only 20% of the dormitory price from the day the keys are handed over. If you are interested in this option, report your request to the accommodation office employee by e-mail or in person by 31 May 2021. If you need to use the room during the holidays, you have the opportunity to come 4 times a month for 1 night. You will pay full dormitory for these nights.