Current Information COVID-19 virus

22. 5. 2020 - Bc. Iva Jarolínová


According to Regional Public Health Authority several students were tested to COVID-19. Those students have been in contact with another two students, that were positively tested after their return to their home country. All tested students have negative results. All students, who were in contact with positively tested students are staying further in quaratine till the end of March. These students are currently without any symptoms. We are staying further in close contact with Regional Pulic Health Authority.


Two foreign students were positively tested for a new type of coronavirus this week after their return home. The students who were at MENDELU within the framework of Erasmus immediately reported this to MENDELU and the school immediately contacted the Regional Hygienic Station in Brno, with which it cooperates on preventive measures. MENDELU employees in cooperation with the mentioned students, who, according to their own words, did not feel any symptoms of the disease and were tested for preventive reasons, selected a group of people they met in the last days of their stay in the Czech Republic and handed it over to hygienists. MENDELU quarantined students living in the neighboring room. Possible quarantine of other persons is a matter of the hygiene station. Both students' rooms were disinfected, no one lived there after their departure. Mendel University in Brno was the first university in the Czech Republic to terminate contact education for preventive reasons. This decision was made the second day after the announcement of the first positive coronavirus tested in the Czech Republic. This measure has certainly led to a reduction of the number of people the above-mentioned students met in Brno. At present, the occupancy rate has fallen to about one fifth of the usual number. They are mostly foreign students, many of whom cannot return home. Students must adhere to a strict regime. Like the vast majority of employees, they do not have access to the school premises.