Information COVID-19 VIRUS - new rules for foreign students

9. 9. 2020 - Bc. Iva Jarolínová

We would like you to make you aware that all the Mendel university accommodation facilities are managed in line with the latest government COVID-19 guidance and advice.....


On August 25th, 2020 a new protective measure of the Ministry of Health came into effect. All persons coming from the countries with high risk of COVID-19 still have to undergo PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2 after they enter the territory of the Czech Republic and their free movement in the territory is limited. Spain and Romania are excluded from the list of countries with a low risk of contagion of COVID-19 and, also, there is an obligation for students from Luxembourg and Malta to be tested after arrival. Also, students and teachers from the countries not icludied on the list have to undergo the second PCR test 14 days after the entry to the territory.


If you are arriving from low risk countries, you do not need to be isolated.


All students arriving from countries with high risk of COVID-19 needs to enter the country with negative test of COVID-19 or have to undergo PCR test within 72 hrs after arrival to Czech republic. After 14 days students need to get second test.

Even if the 1st test for COVID-19 is negative, the student must be isolated (not leaving his room). Until the receipt of the 2nd negative test result, certain restrictions have to be applied on free movement. Student is alowed to visit the university education, visit the doctor, go shopping etc. (student is not alowed to go to any cultural or social mass events). The Management of Dormitory and Canteen Administration (DCA) is also recommending to foreign students to limit their personal visits to the  Office and International Office to the absolute minimum. Students’ questions can comfortably be resolved by e-mail or telephone; or if necessary, physical visits can be arranged in advance.

Results of both tests (even if the 2nd one is negative) must be reported by student to the two following e-addresses: please, take photos of both of them by phone and send it by email to: and


Student needs to report his/her arrival to the Regional Hygiene Administration by  email at within 72 hrs. Report your name, date of birth, date of arrival to Czech republic, address of your destination, address of your stay in Czech republic and COVID-19 test result if available.


If your COVID-19 test is positive, do not hesitate to contact us immediately at: